A Place of Retreat – Clean and Simple

A Place of Retreat – Clean and Simple

A Place of Renewal

A Place of Retreat ““ Clean and Simple

While out photographing a coastal town here in California I came across this century old bathhouse. I was held in a trance as I stood back and stared at the beauty and simplicity of this archaic retreat once used by cowboys in the late eighteen hundreds to give rest and renewal to their journey.

Many might look at this old shanty and feel that we have come a long way. Maybe! But , to those who found comfort within its walls (not knowing the modern conviences of electricity, air-conditioning, and running water) it would have been a welcoming sight and would have felt like enough. So, as I stood back and daydreamed of the sounds, smells and voices that would have permeated its lumber walls, I couldn’t help but to visualize a hard working family happy in being able to make a living and feed their children through the revenue it help them to aquire.

With so many individuals in our currently troubling times not having that same security of providing for their families, I wonder, how many would wish to change their world to a time of more simplicity. I no longer enjoy watching the evening news. Too much of the coverage doesn’t give hope in this current economic condition and the media doesn’t hold back on covering stories of doom and gloom. Now, as I make this statement I do not wish for my readers to believe that I have chosen to place my head in the sand and take up company with the local ostriches. What I have chosen to do is follow the news on the internet. This way, I have control of just how much bad and good I expose myself to for the day. Even though, it is extremely easy to fill our minds with all the bad around us, it is just as easy to find the good, and clean places in the world.

This bathhouse represents a place from long ago that those, tired and worn out from their journey, came to rest, be renewed, and made clean once again. I can only imagine the difference felt, with not just the outward appearance, but also with the inward reclamation when the patrons left their dust behind.

Those places we chose to journey, in the physical and mental state will determine our state of cleanliness and renewal to the body, mind and spirit. It is our choice whether we expose ourselves to all the dirt around us, or, whether we find alternatives in making certain that we do not become too weighed down from all the burdens of this world. It is up to us just how much of the unclean corners we choose to sit in.

Do not hesitate to see if you can do something different to help in finding a bit of renewal and comfort from the tiresome journey. It is that choice that may help to bring you back to simpler times, where contentment and feelings of enough are easier to be found. And just maybe, in that corner of your world, your eyes will become less focused on the ugliness and discover a beauty that really still exists today.

In Other’s Words:

“That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”“

~Henry David Thoreau~

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