Fairness ““ Or Lack Of

Fairness ““ Or Lack Of


As I talked to my child about dealing with others who have excluded him, I treaded lightly and listened as he expressed his feelings of being tossed aside and treated unfairly. I let him know that regardless of the actions of others he must stand as strong as a tree and not let their actions sway or change his character. Nothing in this world is guaranteed except birth and death. Everything in between should come with a disclaimer that would read something like this: “Don’t be discouraged when life breaks, scrapes, scolds, scours and appears to devour you. It’s nothing personal . . . it’s just life.”

As I thought more on the subject of fairness, I came to the conclusion that the human condition leaves so much room for our character to be tested and refined because of the simple truth that, “So much in life is not fair and we must learn to deal with it.” Whether you are dealing with unfair treatment from others, physical abnormalities of an imperfect body, an economical drought or emotional confusion, you are not the first and will not be the last to be faced with these challenges.

When I was in Colorado last week, I was saddened by the physical change that has come to the forests of that region as they have been decimated by the plague of the mountain pine bark beetle. These small beetles prey upon weakened trees whose defenses are down due to drought or disease. The little beetles burrow under the bark, and the only defense healthy trees may have is to increase resin or sap production which may contain certain insecticides and fungicides to kill off the attaching beetles through suffocation or simply by immobilizing them. However, if the beetle’s numbers are too great, the healthy forest will have no defense against the plague and will lose the battle. Actually, it is a certain fungus the beetles carry that ultimately kills the tree as it spreads into its trunk. This appears to be what is taking place in certain regions of the Rocky Mountains and beyond. The dying forest was exhibited, as rust-colored limbs clung to the freestanding corpses of the tall pines lining the mountain ranges. In some areas the only green signs of life that survived was that of the quaking aspen trees, which appeared unfazed by this killing plague.

As I think about the effects of disease to a living creature such as these mighty trees, I can’t help but to compare the effects of life’s hardships to an individual if they let their defenses down and allow the cruel twists of fate get under their skin and change their character to hate or bitterness. Unlike those mighty pines, we have control as to what we allow into our inner bark, our character, our being. It is up to us whether we chose to be strengthened or shattered by life’s unfair moments, and it is up to us whether we use those hardships to make our core stronger or weaker, risking our demise because of it.

In less than twelve hours I will go into surgery, the fifth in sixteen months. It would be easy to let the situation control me rather than stand up to what it is and be grateful for what I have versus what I do not have. By looking at the good that exists in my life, I am given the ability to not focus on those things that could be considered unfair, allowing me to stand strong against anything that may want to tear me down. For who am I to complain because life has brought me a few unpleasantries? After all, life isn’t fair, but at least I still have life.

In Other’s Words:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

~Reinhold Niebuhr~

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