Fear! ““ What Stands In Your Way?


With so much stress in our world why add more? I’m talking about the self-imposed stress of setting goals once again and have decided to look at the action, or the doing of the tough ones. Okay, to some people the tough part is writing them down, actually putting pen to paper and committing to it. But, in order to get to that point you need to have courage enough to step back, look at your life, decide what is lacking, and then choose what is worth fighting for.

It really can be a fight to get through obstacles that stand in our way of success. Whether those obstacles can be seen by others, or not, they should be looked at and addressed with serious intent to rise above and overcome. The reaching out to those challenges again and again, never giving up, is what will forge us into stronger individuals in the end and ultimately bring us success.

I have struggled in the past with learning how to swim. When I was 19 my father drowned and I have come close to drowning myself on two occasions. In 2003 I finally overcame my fear of water and learned to swim the freestyle stroke without panicking every time my face submerged. This accomplishment took five years, half a dozen swim coaches, and facing my fear of drowning hundreds of times. This would not have been attempted, let alone achieved, if it weren’t for the setting of another goal that required knowing how to swim. This goal, that I’d set over ten years ago, was to complete an Ironman Triathlon. I’m sure some of you are thinking that it is pretty crazy to set a goal where the skills to attain that goal are so far reaching. Maybe so, but if it weren’t for aspiring to do a race that would require me to be in the best shape of my life, as well as have my running, cycling, and swimming skills fine tuned, I would never have learned how to swim.

Since then I have lost another family member, my brother Danan, to water. After being in Canada for a month in October of 2008 taking care of his affairs and memorial I returned home with the intent of attacking any inner fears that may have returned. I remember how important it was for me to get into a pool and just swim. Not only did I prove to myself that I had truly overcome that fear of drowning, my brother’s tragic story did not set me back in time and ability.

I, as of yet, have not attempted a triathlon, let alone an Ironman, but I will keep it on my “Bucket List” of “To Dos.” Also, I will step back, look at my life, decide what is lacking, and then make choices of what is worth fighting for.”  It is important to not be afraid of the fight and to attack those things we fear, not backing down until they are conquered.”  With knees shaking and hearts pounding I hope to see some of you along side me at the top of my next mountain.

In Other’s Words:

“Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and

surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.”

~ Dale Carnegie~

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