Life In Motion

Life In Motion

Life In Motion

Life In Motion

I’ve lived life in many stages, each having its part and purpose in developing me to the person I have become.”  It is in understanding those stages, points of motion or stillness, that allows a greater vision and view of what I hold captive as potential possibilities.”  It is through recognizing, and then seizing each opportunity brought before me that I will become the best I can be.

I can’t help but to think of a statement by Benjamin Franklin, who expressed, “Never confuse motion with action.””  This statement though diminutive in structure, is grand in its message.”  We should ask ourselves if we are doing things in life that keep us busy, yet don’t allow us to grow because our feet remain planted in the same place.”  Are those things we spend our time on really adding to our purpose and our mark on this world, or are we just spinning as the world turns?

The word evolve is described as: Progress, advance, mature, grow, expand, spread, alter, change and transform.”  I like the use of this word when it comes to describing our possibilities because it gives an impression of change for the better.”  At times we may feel as if we are spinning our wheels, getting nowhere in life.”  But in reality, sometimes in the spinning we are able to test the ground beneath us enough to know just when to slow down, dig in or change direction.”  Slight action can cause enormous reaction.

Before I decide to climb a difficult hill, I first determine whether this is the hill I want to climb, and then whether I believe I will make it to the top.”  Thus a goal is born.”  The challenges I face in the attempt determine how fast or slow I will get there.”  If the hill is steep and difficult, I may find myself losing traction and going nowhere in certain areas, but if I know how to handle myself when these tough spots arise, I will be able to stay focused on the main goal, and make it to the top.

During those times when I could easily spin out of control and go nowhere, I am able to re-gain control through purposeful actions.”  By realizing just how important it is to set goals that help me to become the best person I can be, I am able to have ambitions that may seem far reaching, yet still are within my realm of possibilities.”  So, this is how I discover my potential and take the action to get there.

In Other’s Words:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

~ Albert Einstein~

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