Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Since I’ve lately returned to photography my eyes have become wide open as the world around me seems refreshed with clarity to all the wonderful images it has to offer. Because of this I tend to have a camera in my hand at all times and am not much fun to go on hikes or mountain bike rides with, unless you have the patience of a saint and wait as I stop to capture interesting photographs I may find along the way. Thank goodness I have found a group of friends who have, as I do, the same crazed passion for this ever-changing world and its interesting bounties.

While in Colorado I was amazed at all the wildflowers that not just survived but seemed to thrive in their harsh environment. Whether they were tucked into an exposed crag or surviving on the wind-swept slope of a wide-open field they appeared to have adapted extremely well regardless of where they were planted. Much to my surprise this region in the Rocky Mountains seemed to flourish in abundance with wildflowers. I counted close to twenty varieties one day as I rode above 9000 feet of elevation, just above the quaint tourist town of Vail.

How is it that some things seem to adapt well to whatever harsh elements they face while others struggle, and in some cases do not survive at all? Just as the wildflower has no choice as to where it must take root, we too have to adapt to our environment. Not everyone has the fortune (I deliberately leave out the word “good”) to be born into a place of comfort, protection and abundance. Some are dropped into the harshest cesspools this world has to offer. The reason I left out the word “good” before fortune is because of the good fortune that can be found in the misfortune, or visa-versa, the bad that can be discovered in the life that is too coddled, too looked after and too protected. Because we cannot choose where God places us we must adapt in order to flourish. And if that ground is rocky and difficult to find nourishment from, hopefully we will be strong enough to survive it long enough so that we can choose and create a better environment where we can grow; a place where the elements around us are not there to destroy.

As we make our way through this harsh world, hopefully we will find strength in those difficult experiences we have to endure. From finding strength we will discover that we are the ones who will survive by taking hold of what we must to live another day. Unlike the wildflowers of the Rockies, we are hopefully able to uproot and move on if our location is not good for our well-being. But in order to live that other day we must flourish and become strong where we have been placed. Then we will be admired for the beauty we hold, no matter our circumstance, as we bloom where we are planted.


In Other’s Words:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,

nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.“

~Charles Darwin~

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  1. Christine Taylor

    Elaine – I loved this and so enjoyed replaying in my mind our time with the wildflowers above Vail. What a treat that was! Don’t mind your camera on our hikes/rides and love your joy taking pictures. It is infectious. – Cricket

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