Change – Seasons of Life


As the earth readies itself for winter, much change takes place. Life prepares for dormancy as warmth beautifies its bounty one last time before the cold sets in. With such spectacular sights to see as this act played out in its full cornucopia of color, I could not help but to stand in awe while I viewed the striking bursts of vivid hues on the blanketed countryside. It is a gift to witness life in its seasons and recognize the beauty and purpose each stage holds. For seasons are the natural course that carries life to its next stage, and hopefully with recognition of the beauty its next stage will bring.

The looking glass might reveal a tighter view of what takes place in the physical form when the color is released in preparation for the fall. But too closely inspected one might lose sight of beauty when the tattered and torn edges are unveiled. Yet the closer view of the ragged and frayed forms may be what is needed to understand, empathize with and welcome the inevitable winds that will blow and the rains that will fall, from which there will no longer be strength to hold on.

Soon it will appear that not even a shadow remains where leaves once clung to shelter and protected any who ventured under their canopy. Yet life is not lost as the blanketed ground takes warmth from that which has fallen. Appearing without life, the barren branches and tired limbs hang wearily as the weight of winter rests upon their boughs. Though this season of the cold and blue chill may appear to take more than it gives, it helps bring a rest upon the world, a rest that is well earned and much needed.

Then, as the days grow longer and the earth’s slumber is stirred by the sun’s unconditional warmth, a silent awakening transpires. With ease the natural transformation once again brings forth life nourished from that which has fallen. Thus the next stage begins, gaining rejuvenation from what once was and bringing life to what will be. A new season arrives, and with it a salutation in stately grandeur speaks out without words, spoken through the giving of beautiful things naturally and eternally provided.

In Other’s Words:

“Nature gives to every season, a beauty all its own.”

~Charles Dickens~

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