Stretch, Pause & Find Strength

Stretch, Pause & Find Strength

Stretch, Pause & Find Strength

While in Colorado a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to be around a group of dear friends for an extended period of time and learned a valuable lesson from my observation. During this week of solitude, exhilaration, chaos, movement and stillness, I was blessed to witness tranquility in action each morning when I awoke. My bed was a soft leather recliner that backed up to a large bay window displaying a panoramic view of a mountain vista, a meadow and the entire splendor you can imagine Colorado has to offer.

Each morning, without fail, one of the girls would step out onto the porch or into the grassy field and proceed with a routine of movement so peaceful, fluid and beautiful I found myself mesmerized by her actions. She would stretch out her arms, elongating her body, and then pause, holding the stance like a statue. Her motions were direct and strong yet held a remarkable depth of calm and relaxation. This routine was followed as she listened to a peaceful voice accompanied by music in her headphones, helping her to take the long pauses needed that otherwise would have been rushed through and not held.

Our body is only as remarkable as our mind and will allow it to be. It is only through movement that it can remain, or once again become, pliable. To be pliable is to be capable of bending. If that soft leather recliner I knew as my bed did not have a soft, pliable covering, it would soon crack and break apart when pressure was applied. Now, it might take a very long time to get to this point, yet with neglect the duration of time to that destination would be greatly decreased.

I know of the inability to stretch and elongate this body, for I still have wounds that are taped and bound, restricting my movements of full motion. With this restriction I can tell you it is confining and hindering as even my deepest of breaths are bound. With time and healing the concerns of hurting, or breaking apart that which has been repaired, subsides and eventually no longer will be a concern. I am” still recovering from surgery and physically weak, but” soon my mind and determination” will enable my body to” find strength” and move to its fullest capacity.

It is through our decisions of action that we can bring our body its greatest strength, surprisingly, as we stretch and pause rather than power and push through movement. Life itself is less easy to break if we remember that might and force are not the only tests of strength. Understanding this truth and applying it to how we treat our being can serve us well. I am the caretaker of this form, and I hope to remember the example I viewed while peering out a window to a vista that displayed the beauty of one who, through movement and moments of pause, showed me strength through tranquility in action.

In Other’s Words:

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”


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