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Guardian's Gift

There is much to be learned from our inner voice; some of you may like to think of it as natural instinct. Such an example would be the fear of the fall, a “Guardian’s gift”, which if listened to can keep our feet firmly planted where otherwise our head may want us to go. It is that voice of warning we each have early on in life to hopefully teach and protect us from grave danger that, if ignored, could take us to our death.

As young children we may push those boundaries and disregard an uneasy prompting that warns us when we have stepped too close to the edge. A good example of this would be those adventurous spirits who drape a towel from their shoulders as imagination temporarily shrouds them in a belief that they will be able to fly like Superman. Landing in a heap with a broken spirit, and in some cases broken bones, they lay at the edge of the driveway staring up at their launch pad on the eaves of the roof, discovering that defying certain laws can bring consequences.

What is it that allows one person to stay within those instinctive boundaries of right and wrong while others tend to carelessly leap where they should not go? For many of those daredevils of the neighborhood fantasy, passed very quickly into reality as they learned the physical limitations that natural law brings to them when pain follows folly. Without a doubt though, the daring and stupid things attempted were rarely lacking an audience. Throughout the ages peer pressure has been a catalyst that has led far too many stupid ideas into fruition. To understand how the influence of others can direct inappropriate actions in certain individuals is to understand just where bad decisions start and can be perpetuated into decisions with horrific results.

I believe that an evil person begins as a good person making one bad decision, and than another, and so on. Now let me be clear: Everyone periodically makes bad decisions, and that does not make them bad or evil for doing so. Where the line is crossed is when that natural voice that tells you “Something is wrong, don’t do it” gets ignored so often that it no longer exists, and then bad actions are made continually without good senses there to stop them. If you are a person whose conscience does not exist anymore because of your decision to shut it out, consider it fair warning; you are under peer pressure whether you know it or not, and your audience may well be minions of evil influence.

To some of you, this idea of how evil is perpetuated in the world may appear too extreme, a concept that only the religious or fanatical do-gooders can grasp onto. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs of Heaven are for you to understand that some people are bad. What I am trying to convey is the way in which they became bad so that, hopefully, some of you who are on the wrong path may recognize, stop and turn around before disaster implodes your life and possibly the lives of others. Bad people can become good just as good people can become bad; each takes single steps in one direction to perpetuate or change what they are.

I felt very strongly the need to address this issue of what makes a person bad after writing the previous article about a senseless massacre that took place at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. In that article I focused on the effects of bullying, which may have been one of the bad influences that lead to the change of character in the two individuals that committed the heinous acts that killed thirteen people with intent of killing many, many more. Dylan and Eric had planted pipe bombs in both the library and the cafeteria, and if those bombs had discharged when intended they would have killed more then 500 innocent people. Those two boys had played with tactics of planned attacks for several years, being drawn to each other through a common interest in a video game that taught killing strategy linked with their hatred to society. Evil finding evil was definitely a catalyst in this plan to do harm to others. Would they individually have devised such a plan and acted alone if they would not have found each other? Possibly, but we will never know.

Like-minded people gravitate to each other to find support in their beliefs, as seen in this situation. If those you have chosen as your friends are perpetuating bad rather than good things in your life, make a changing choice. Even if conscience does not abide with you, you can still “Stop” where you are, look around and decide if that is where you wish to be. Just understand, no one stays still forever. So, if you are on the move, make certain it will be in the direction that will not bring shame to you or your family in the future. And if you have taken a fall and survived the impact . . . get up and learn from your choices that you will not be forever remembered for bad decisions. Do all you can to once again receive the Guardian’s gift that will lead you away from the edge. In taking those first steps to get back to safe ground, you will begin to bring good things to your influence. I believe as difficult as it may be in the beginning to change one’s path, it is a life-saving move that can bring back a dying belief, the idea that Superman really does exist. He is the one who, even though it may feel impossible, takes a leap of faith to stand up for what is good and right, finding that he really can fly.

In Other’s Words:

“Character is so largely affected by association that we cannot

afford to be indifferent as to who or what our friends are.”


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