Rewriting Your Story – Imagine the Better

Rewriting Your Story

Rewriting Your Story ““ Imagine the Better

It was the first day of the New Year as I stood on the beach, watching the sun dip behind the hazy silhouette of a coastal island. I stepped forward and placed the tip of a roughened stick on the smooth, wave-washed sand and sketched this not so perfect heart into its dampened surface. Knowing I would have only moments to step back and click the image before the churning water would rush in and erase the crude, childlike sketch, I paid little attention to anyone or anything around me. I remember that rush of the moment as I shuffled about, knowing that time was short and my light would soon be gone. So as the waves moved and undid my mark, I stepped to the side, redrew a heart in the sand and watched as another rolling wave erased any footprints or signs of my making. And so I repeated the task again, and again, and again, until the day was done and twilight greeted the night.

Now, with almost a week of this New Year gone by, I sit in front of my computer screen gazing at this image. In seeing its flaws and imperfections, I exhale a breath of resignation and realization that nothing really is perfect and that is all right. However, I know what I would do differently if it were to be reshot. So, the question then lies in what ultimately should be the focus. Should we be more conditioned to see the good rather than the bad, ignoring those things that are problems, or is it more important to understand the bad to its fullest so that we may also understand and desire change? Some would say that it is by recognizing the bad and imagining the transformation for good that one can change their world. I am one of those people. I believe in change, and I believe it starts first with sight before motion.

Seeing reality is important when it comes to imagining something better and reaching out for it. My reality begins each morning waking to a day that comes too soon because night has stolen away deep sleep that should have been mine if only I could have brushed off a restless mind and body. Those first steps I take on this seemingly soft carpet happen only after the bathroom can wait no longer and, once my feet touch the ground, I become painfully aware of why I laid too long in the warmth of the sheets. Those first steps are the most tender to the soles of my feet, but it is movement that is needed to transform the pain to an uncomfortable ache matching that of my body. Some days are better than others, and those days give me hope for a pain-free tomorrow, something worth imagining.

So, it is also in that imagination that I have been challenged. When I feel a pain that was not there yesterday I wonder if it will be the beginning of another fight. The concern is real. Once a person has had cancer, that monster lays dormant in the back of the mind. You never know if you have slain the demon with your last battle or if he unconsciously lies still until another day. The important thing is to not lay dormant yourself. I continue to check my armor and be ready for battle. Currently nutrition and exercise are my subjects of study, and those things I am learning and applying are part of my fortress being built one brick at a time. I once heard that “Fear is the great thief of time,” and I now understand that statement more than ever. I, being human, have been frozen in my tracks (but only for a moment) until I realized that the “what ifs” need to be replaced with the “why nots.”

Why not choose to fight? Why not choose to live? Why not choose happiness? Why? Because you are worth it! Love yourself and life enough to fight for it, and don’t be afraid to open your eyes to see the good things as well as the bad so that you may understand how and where to make change to transform your world. However painful it may be to take each step, you must realize that only you can move your feet and only you can leave your imprint in the sand. Keep rewriting your story no matter how many times you have to stand back and watch the waves change your mark. The important thing is to continue to make that mark and make certain that your heart is in it. Don’t hide in the darkness; fear lurks there. Look to the light, to each horizon, and believe that the sun will bring you another day.

In Other’s Words:

Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change.“

~Brian Tracy~


  1. Elaine, this post is vibrantly beautiful and well-written. I admire your view of life, your skill with words, and your ability to seek out beauty, change, triumph! Well done…

  2. Brent Harder

    Very well written……..great message as usual!
    Let’s ride!

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