Leaving Your Mark – Lasting Impressions

Leaving Your Mark

Leaving Your Mark ““ Lasting Impressions

Sometimes we do things without thought to their end results, while other times our actions are long planned out with the final goal to be achieved in mind. Simply by acting we leave indelible marks, lasting impressions or our handprint, of sorts, on the world. No matter how large or small our actions are, their effects will linger long after we are gone. So, with this in mind, “What marks have you left lately?”

My writing seems to revert back to a couple of subjects now and then. The one of service emerges more often than most, and the reason is important to understand. I believe that no matter what your station in life, if you do not strive to get out of yourself and into the lives of others through service you cannot, and I will emphasis CANNOT find happiness.

Service can be achieved through the simple act of a smile of acceptance to another or as grand as giving of your life. There is not one soul who exists on this earth that does not have the ability to give back. With this statement said, I think of the extreme cases, such as a handicapped child or an elderly parent who may be helpless to do for themselves. Such situations are beautiful in their design, allowing others the opportunity to serve.

Last night I paced the halls waiting, wondering, hoping for my son’s Eagle Scout Board of Review to go well. This is the final process a young man goes through to receive one of the highest honors and recognition as a Boy Scout. These Board of Reviews take place in closed sessions with the young man being interviewed (or, as many may feel, interrogated) for an incredibly long period of time. The interview is run by a committee of four adults trained to make the correct judgment call as to whether the scout has proven himself to have done the mandatory work and has the character required to hold the title of Eagle Scout. While in front of this committee, the young man must present all he has accomplished, including his final Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. For those of you unfamiliar with this program, the project itself gives these boys an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to lead others in service designed to benefit their community. The strict guidelines just for approval of the project are many, and the scout must learn to act as a leader in the design, delegation and implementation of his plan.

The process for my son’s project began several years ago when he came up with a plan to build eight wooden owl boxes that would provide safe nesting sites for the local barn owl population. After the hard work of 68 volunteers, donated funds and several hundred volunteer hours, the hutches were complete. They were then hung fifteen to twenty feet above the ground in the old oak canopies of our local regional park with the help of the park ranger and a geologist. Even though I ride this park weekly, I have yet to spot one because they are placed in areas of little traffic so that they may provide a peaceful habitat for these birds to raise their young.

Even though many who participated in this combined effort will never see the completed project and how these boxes are aiding in the sustainability of the barn owl, the simple fact that they were willing to leave their mark for good is enough. Throughout our lives we are given opportunity to make a difference. It is up to us just how indelible, or permanent, that impression and effect for good will be. It just takes stepping out of our lives and into the lives of others, if only for a moment.


In Other’s Words:

“Immortality is to live your life doing good things and leaving your mark behind.”

~Brandon Lee~


For those wondering about the final outcome of my son’s Board of Review, Yes, he is now an Eagle Scout.

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